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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1640 AD


March 9: Pierre Corneilles "Horace," premieres in Paris


April 13: English Short Parliament forms


May 3: English Upper house accept Act of Attainder
May 5: English Short Parliament unites
May 12: Uprising against Spanish king Philip IV


August 3: 2,000 men VOC-army surrounds the city of Malakka
August 3: Zorilla's "Bire el Ojo," premieres in Toledo
August 29: English King Charles I signed a peace treaty with Scotland


November 3: English Long Parliament forms
November 11: John Pym, earl of Strafford locked in Tower of London


December 1: Portugal regains independence after 60 years of Spanish rule
December 9: Settler Hugh Bewitt banished from Mass colony when he declares himself to be free of original sin
December 15: Duke of Braganca crowned King Johan IV of Portugal
December 25: Pierre de Fermat writes to Marin Mersenne about Fermat's church thesis
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