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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1634 AD


January 24: Emperor Ferdinand II declares Albrecht von Wallenstein a traitor


February 17: William Prynne tried in Star Chamber for publishing "Histrio-masti"
February 18: Ferdinand II orders commander Albrecht von Wallenstein, execution
February 19: Battle at Smolensk: Polish king Wladyslaw IV beats Russians
February 25: Irish captain Walter Devereaux kills duke Wallenstein


March 1: Battle at Smolensk: Polish King Wladyslaw IV beats Russians
March 3: 1st tavern in Boston opens (Samuel Cole)
March 13: Academe Franeaise opens
March 25: Lord Baltimore founded Catholic colony of Maryland


April 6: Heeren XIX asks "to secure Eylands Curaeao"


May 4: Johan van Walbeecks fleet departs to West-Indies
May 31: U.S. colony Massachusetts Bay annexes Maine colony


June 14: Russia and Poland sign Peace treaty of Polianov


July 6: Johan van Walbeecks ships bypass St-Anna Bay, Curacao
July 29: Dutch fleet under Johannes van Walbeeck lands on Curacao


August 26: Battle at Nordlingen Bavarian: emperor Ferdinand II and Spain beat Sweden and German protestants
August 27: Battle of Nordingen-Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar, loses Duchy of Francomia


September 5: Battle at Nordlingen: King Ferdinand III and Spain beat Sweden and German protestants
September 6: Battle at Nordlingen ends in Swedish/protestant German defeat


October 19: Beach Island in North sea destroyed by a heavy storm flood
October 20: English King Charles I disbands new "Ship Money" tax
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