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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1632 AD


April 15: Swedish and Saxon army beat Earl Tilly
April 16: Albrecht von Wallenstein appointed supreme commander


May 25: Albrecht von Wallenstein recaptures Prague on Saksen


June 4: Prince Frederik Henry conquerors Venlo
June 5: Prince Frederik Henry conquerors Roermond
June 8: Prince Frederik Henry conquerors Sittard
June 20: Britain grants 2nd Lord Baltimore rights to Chesapeake Bay area


July 22: Foundation laid in Madrid for Buen Retiro-palace for king Philip IV


August 22: Prince Frederik Hendrik occupies Maastricht
August 28: Henry Casimir I appointed viceroy of Drenthe


September 1: Battle at Castelnaudary: Henri de Montmorency's rebellion army loses
September 3: Battle at Nurnberg: Duke wallenstein beats Sweden


October 1: Battle at Castelnaudary: Duke Henri de Montmorency's rebel army loses
October 5: Henry Casimir I appointed viceroy of Groningen


November 6: Battle at Lutzen: Swedish/Saxon army beats imperial armies
November 16: Battle at Lutzen: Sweden beats imperial armies under Von Wallenstein
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