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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1630 AD


January 7: Composer Pier Cavalli marries rich widow Maria Sosomeno
January 13: Patent to Plymouth Colony issued


February 14: Dutch fleet of 69 ships reaches Pernambuco Brazil
February 22: Indians introduce pilgrims to popcorn, at Thanksgiving


March 22: 1st colonial legislation prohibiting gambling enacted (Boston)
March 23: French troops occupy Pinerolo Piedmont


May 17: Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi, 1st to see 2 belts on Jupiter surface
May 29: Governor John Winthrop begins "History of New England"


June 25: Fork introduced to American dining by Governor Winthrop
June 26: Swedish troops under Gustaf II Adolf lands at Peenemunde


July 3: Emperor Ferdinand II opens German Parliament
July 6: Swedish troops under Gustaf II Adolf land at Peenemunde
July 12: New Amsterdam's governor buys Gull Island from Indians for cargo, renames it Oyster Island, it is later known as Ellis Island
July 18: Spanish troops occupy Mantua


August 13: Ferdinand II fires supreme commander Albrecht von Wallenstein


September 16: Mass village of Shawmut changes name to Boston


October 19: In Boston the 1st general court is held


November 5: Spain and England sign peace treaty
November 10: Failed palace revolution against Richelieu France
November 30: 16,000 inhabitants of Venice died this month of plague
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