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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1621 AD


January 13: Jan Pieterszoon Coen's fleet sets sail to Moluccas (from Jacarta)


February 9: Alexander Ludovisi is elected Pope Gregory XV (-1623)
February 17: Miles Standish appointed 1st commander of Plymouth colony


March 4: Jacarta, Java renamed Batavia
March 7: John Pieterszoon Coen's troops land on Lontor, East Indies
March 16: Native American chief visits colony of Plymouth Mass
March 22: Hugo de Grote escapes in bookcase from Loevenstein castle, Netherlands


April 5: Mayflower sails from Plymouth on a return trip to England
April 9: Spain and Netherlands 12 Year Resistant Pact ends
April 15: Hugo the Great arrives in France


May 3: Francis Bacon accused of bribery
May 31: Sir Francis Bacon thrown into Tower of London for 1 night


June 3: Dutch West India Company receives charter for "New Netherlands" (NY)
June 3: WIC, West Indian Co, under Heeren XIX, founded
June 19: Battle at Dragetsani: Turkish army beats Greece
June 25: French government army occupies Fort St. Jean d'Angely at La Rochelle


July 6: Dutch Governor-General John Pieterszoon Coen takes Banda-islands, 15,000 die


September 15: Swedish troops occupy Riga
September 21: King James of England gives Canada to Sir Alexander Sterling
September 28: Battle at Chocim Dniester: King Sigismund II beats Turks


October 9: Turkey and Poland signs Peace of Chotin
October 25: Governor Bradford of U.S. colony Plymouth disallows sport on Christmas Day


November 19: Rabbi Isaiah b Abraham aha-Levi Horowitz arrives in Israel


December 3: Galileo invents telescope
December 13: Emperor Ferdinand II delegates 1st anti-Reformation decree
December 18: English parliament accept unanimously, Protestation
December 25: Governor William Bradford of Plymouth forbids game playing on Christmas
December 30: English king James I cracks Protestation of Parliament
December 31: Hungarian King Bethlen Gabor/Ferdinand II sign Treaty of Mikulov
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