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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1614 AD


April 5: 2nd parliament of King James I begin session (no enactments)
April 5: Indian princess Pocahontas marries English colonist John Rolfe
April 14: Pocahontas, daughter of chief Powhatan, marries planter John Rolfe
April 25: Amsterdam Bank of Loan forms


June 7: 2nd parliament of King James I, dissolves passing no legislation


August 22: Trades people under Vincent Fettmilch chase and plunder Jews out of ghetto in Frankfurt
August 23: University of Groningen opens


September 1: Vincent Fettmich expels Jews from Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany


October 2: French king Louis XIII (13) declared an adult


November 12: Treaty of Xanten: Guliks-Kleefse War victory ends


December 28: Sperm whale beached at Noordwijk
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