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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1613 AD


January 20: Peace of Knarod ends War of Kalmar between Denmark and Sweden
January 24: Amsterdams merchant Hans Bontemantel baptized
January 28: Galileo may have unknowingly viewed undiscovered planet Neptune
January 29: Galileo observes Neptune but fails to recognize what he sees


February 7: Michail Romanov (16) becomes czar of Russia
February 14: King James I's daughter Elizabeth marries Frederik
February 20: Gerard Reynst appointed Dutch Governor-General of East-Indies
February 21: Michael Romanov, son of Patriarch of Moscow, elected Russian tsar
February 24: English princess Elizabeth marries earl Frederik of Palts


June 29: Shakespeare's Globe Theater burns down


December 25: Johan Sigismund of Brandenburg becomes protestant
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