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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1590 AD


February 26: Mauritius of Nassaus sails to Breda


March 4: Mauritius of Nassau's ship reaches Breda
March 6: Earl Mauritius conquerors Breda "turfschip of Breda"
March 14: Battle at Ivry: French King Henri IV beats Catholic League


April 2: States-General appoints earl Mauritius, viceroy of Utrecht


May 14: Battle at Ivry: French king Henri IV beats Catholic League


July 6: English Admiral Francis Drake takess Portuguese Forts at Taag
July 19: King Philip Ii's secretary Antonio Perez escapes jail


September 15: Giambattista Catagna elected as Pope Urban VII


December 5: Noccolo Sfondrato chosen Pope Gregory XIV
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