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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1588 AD


January 22: Pope Sixtus V decrees "Immense aeterni" (Reformed curia)


April 4: Christian IV succeeds Frederik II as king of Denmark


May 9: Duke Henri de Guises troops occupy Paris
May 12: Catholic League under duke Henri de Guise occupies Paris
May 13: King Henri III flees Paris
May 19: Spanish Armada sets sail for Lisbon, bound to England
May 30: Spanish Aramada under Medina-Sidonia departs Lisbon to invade England


June 9: Spanish Armada sails from Lisbon to England
June 19: Spanish Armada heavily destroyed in storm at Coruna


July 11: French king Henri III accept demands of Catholic League
July 18: Admiral Howard beats Spanish Armada
July 21: English fleet defeats Spanish armada
July 26: John Hawkins becomes a knight
July 28: Spanish Armada sails to overthrow England's Queen Elizabeth I
July 29: Attacking Spanish Armada defeated and scattered by English defenders
July 29: Duke Farneses troops ready for invasion of England
July 31: English fleet beats Spanish Armada


August 1: English Admiral Howard van Effingham beats Spanish Armada
August 6: Spanish Armada under Medina Sidonia anchors
August 7: English assault on Spanish Armada
August 8: Sea battle at Grevelingen: English fleet battles Spanish armada
August 12: Medemblik surrenders to Spanish army


October 23: Medina Sidonia's Spanish Armada returns to Santander
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