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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1572 AD


February 5: Beggars assault Oisterwijk, Netherlands, drive nuns out


March 12: Luis Vaz de Camoes publishes "Os Lusiados" in Portugal


April 1: Bloys van Treslong conquers Brielle
April 21: France and England sign anti-Spanish military covenant


May 4: Veere sides with Geuzen
May 15: Louis van Nassau and huguenots occupy Valenciennes


June 9: Willem van Oranges army occupies Gelderland
June 11: Spanish co-land guardian duke of Medinaceli arrives in Lock
June 19: Garrison under Adrian van Swieten occupy Oudewater
June 21: Garrison under Adrian of Swieten conquers Gouda
June 24: 5 clergymen of Enkhuizen, hanged


July 9: 19 Catholic priests hanged in Gorcum
July 18: Willem van Orange recognized as viceroy of Holland/Friesland/Utrecht
July 19: Battle at Saint-Ghislain: Spanish army beats The Genlis' mercenaries
July 23: Willem van Oranges troops occupy Roermond on the Spanjaarden


August 18: King Navarra Henri de Bourbon marries Margaretha van Valois
August 22: Failed assassination on Admiral De Coligny
August 24: King Charles IX orders massacre of thousands of French Protestants


October 2: Spanish army occupies/plunders/destroys Mechelen
October 5: Spanish army under Alva's son Don Frederik plunders Mechelen
October 18: Spanish troops attack Maastricht


November 6: Supernova is observed in constellation known as Cassiopeia
November 11: Duke of Alva's son Don Fredrik begins siege for Haarlem
November 16: Don Frederiks troops occupy/plunder Zutphen


December 11: Spanish troops begin siege of Haarlem
December 13: Spanish army beats Geuzen fleet under Admiral Lumey
December 17: Spanish army begins fires in Haarlem Netherlands
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