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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1570 AD


January 2: Tsar Ivan the Terrible march to Novgorod begins
January 4: Spanish viceroy Alva banishes Zutphen City's only physician, Joost Sweiter, "because he is a Jew"
January 9: Tsar Ivan the terrible kills 1000-2000 residents of Novgorod
January 23: Earl of Moray, regent of Scotland, assassinated; civil war breaks out


February 25: Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth, absolves her subjects from allegiance
February 28: Anti-Portugese uprising on Ternate, Moluccas


March 4: King Philip II bans foreign Dutch students


April 14: Polish Calvinists/Lutherians/Hernhutters unify against Jesuits
April 24: Battles between Spanish troops and followers of sultan Suleiman


May 10: Czar Ivan IV becomes Protestant
May 20: Egidius Coppens publishes Abraham Ortelius' "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum"
May 22: 1st atlas, with 70 maps, published


July 25: Battle at Arnay-le-Duc Bourgundy: Huguenots-French government army


August 8: Peace of Saint-Germain-and-Laye, more freedom for huguenots
August 16: King Janos Sigismund Zapolyai signs secret treaty with Maximilian II


November 1: Netherlands hit by flood disaster, 1,000s killed


December 9: Geuzen under Herman de Ruyter occupies Loevestein
December 13: Sweden/Denmark signs Peace of Stettin
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