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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1568 AD


January 24: Abdij Church in Middelburg destroyed by fire
January 24: In Netherlands, Duke of Alva declares William of Orange an outlaw


February 17: Holy Roman Emperor agrees to pay tribute to the Sultan for peace


March 23: Treaty of Longjumeau: French huguenots go on strike


May 13: Mary Queen of Scots is defeated by English at battle of Langside
May 16: Mary Queen of Scotland flees to England
May 19: English queen Elizabeth I arrests Scottish queen Mary
May 23: Battle at Heiligerlee: Dutch rebels beat Spanish, 100s killed


June 1: Duke van Alva beheads 18 nobles in Brussels


July 10: Battle on Eems: Dutch Water garrison beats Spanish
July 13: Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral perfects a way to bottle beer
July 21: Battle at Jemmingen: Alva's troops beat Dutch rebellion


October 5: Conference of York begins: trial against Mary Stuart
October 5: Willem of Oranges army occupies Brabant
October 21: 2nd Altenburger sermon: Philippisten/Gnesiolutheranen


December 24: Uprising of Morisco's in Granada
December 26: Uprising of Morisco's against suppression in Granada
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