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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1544 AD


January 30: Adrian van Goes becomes land advocate of Holland


April 14: Battle at Carignano: French troops under Earl d'Enghien beat Swiss


May 1: Turkish troops occupy Hungary
May 17: Scottish earl Matthew van Lennox signs secret treaty with Henry VIII
May 23: German emperor Charles V recognizes king Christian III of Denmark


July 14: English troops attack The Canal


August 17: Imperial/English armies occupy Saint-Dizier France


September 14: Charles and Francois I sign Peace of Crepy
September 18: Charles V of Germany and Francis I of France sign Peace of Crepy
September 18: English King Henry VIII's troops occupy Boulogne
September 18: Peace of Crepy: German emperor Charles V and French king Francois I
September 30: King Henry VIII draws his armies out of France


November 10: Antwerps painter John Matsys banished
November 19: Pope Paul III opens council of Trente
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