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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1536 AD


January 17: Francois Rabelais absolved of apostasy by Pope Paul III


February 2: Pedro de Mendoza finds Argentine city of Buenos Aires
February 18: France and Turkey sign milt/trade agreement against King Karel


April 14: English king Henry VIII expropriate minor monasteries


May 2: King Henry VIII accused Anna Boleyn of adultery and incest
May 6: King Henry VIII, orders bible be placed in every church
May 15: Anna Boleyn and Lord Rochford accused of adultery/incest
May 17: Anne Boleyns 4 "lovers" executed
May 23: Pope Paul III installs Portugese inquisition
May 30: English king Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour


June 6: Mexico begins it's inquisition


July 9: French navigator Jacques Cartier returns to Saint-Malo from Canada
July 18: Pope's authority declared void in England


September 8: Earl of Nassau disbands siege of Peronne


October 20: Danish/Norw king Christian III leads reform in Catholic possessions


December 22: English scholar Reginald Pole appointed cardinal
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