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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1527 AD


February 24: Ferdinand of Austria crowned as king of Bohemia


March 16: Battle at Khanua: Mogol Emperor Babur beats Rajputen


April 30: England and France sign treaty of Westminster


May 6: Spanish and German Imperial troops sack Rome; ending Renaissance
May 16: Florence becomes a republic
May 17: Panfilo de Narvaez departs to explore Florida
May 30: University of Marburg (Germany) founded


June 7: Pope Clement VII surrenders to emperor Charles V's armies
June 24: Gustaaf I begins Reformation in Sweden, taking RC possessions


November 3: Ferdinand of Austria/Bohemia chosen as king of Hungary
November 26: Pope Clemens VII signs treaty with emperor Karel I


December 6: Pope Clemens VII fleas to Orvieto
December 12: Composer Adrian Willaert moves from Milan to Venice
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