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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1526 AD


January 14: Charles V and Francis I sign Treaty of Madrid
January 14: Francis I forced to give up claims in Burgundy, Italy and Flanders


February 8: Heavy storm strikes Dutch coast, many die
February 27: Saxony and Hesse form League of Gotha (league of Protestant princes)


March 10: Emperor Charles V marries princess Isabella of Portugal
March 17: French king Francois I freed from Spain
March 26: King Francois I returns Spanish captivity to France


April 21: Battle at Panipat: Mogol Emperor Babur beats sultan Ibrahim Lodi
April 27: Mogol King Babur beats sultan of Delhi


May 2: German evangelical monarchy joins Schmalkaldische League
May 22: Pope Clemens VII, France, Genoa, Venice, Florence and Milan form Anti-French League of Cognac


June 1: Parliament of Spiers: Lutheran monarchy freed of their belief


August 29: Hungary conquered by Turks in Battle of Mohacs


November 9: Jews are expelled from Pressburg Hungary by Maria of Hapsburg
November 10: John I Zapolyai of Transsylvania chosen as king of Hungary


December 17: Ferdinand of Austria chosen as King of Bohemia
December 17: Pope Clemens VII publishes degree Cum ad zero - forms Inquisition
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