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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1520 AD


January 18: Christian II of Denmark and Norway defeats Swedes at Lake Asunde


June 6: France and England sign treaty of Scotland
June 30: Spanish conquerors under Cortes take gold from Aztecs


July 10: King Charles V and King Henry VIII signs treaty of Calais
July 14: Battle of Otumba Mexico: Hernan Cortes and Tlascala's vs Aztecs


September 30: Suleiman I succeeds his father Selam I as sultan of Turkey


October 7: 1st public burning of books in Netherlands, in Louvain
October 15: King Henry VIII of England orders bowling lanes at Whitehall
October 21: Ferdinand Magellen arrives at Tierra Del Fuego (Pacific Ocean)
October 23: King Carlos I crowned, German emperor Charles V


November 4: Danish/Norwegian king Christian II crowned king of Sweden
November 9: Swedish King Christian II executes 600 nobles
November 20: Friesland hit by heavy hail storm
November 28: Ferdinand Magellan begins crossing Pacific Ocean


December 10: Martin Luther publicly burned papal edict demands he recant
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