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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1500 AD


January 5: Duke Ludovico Sforza's troops reconquer Milan


March 9: Pedro Cabral departs with 13 ships to India


April 8: Battle at Novara: King Louis XII beats duke Ludovico Sforza
April 10: France captures duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan
April 22: Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovers Brazil and claims it for Portugal
April 23: Pedro Cabral lands and annexes Brazil (Terra da Vera Cruz)


June 25: Pope Alexander VI accept Treaty of Granada


July 15: "Blood Wedding" of Astorre Baglione and Lavinia Colonna in Perugia family Baglione massacre
July 15: Duke Albrecht of Saxon beats Friese rebellion


August 10: Diego Diaz discovers Madagascar


November 11: Treaty of Granada: France and Aragon divide Naples
November 25: Governor De Bobadilla of Santo Domingo captures Columbus
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