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Events and People Who Made History in the Year 1497 AD


January 6: Jews are expelled from Graz (Syria)


February 25: Italians troops reconquer Taranto on France


March 9: Nicolaus Copernicus 1st recorded astronomical observation,


May 2: John Cabot departs to North-America
May 10: Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci leaves for 1st voyage to New World
May 13: Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Girolamo Savonarola


June 22: Antitax insurrection in Cornwall suppressed at Blackheath
June 24: John Cabot claims eastern Canada for England (believes he found Asia in Nova Scotia)


July 8: Vasco da Gama departs for trip to India
July 26: "Edward IV's son" Perkin Warbecks army lands in Cork


August 6: John Cabot returns to Bristol from North-America
August 10: John Cabot tells King Henry VII of his trip to "Asia"


September 7: Sailor Perkin Warbeck becomes English King Richard IV


November 18: Vasco da Gama reached the Cape of Good Hope
November 22: Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounds Cape of Good Hope
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