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Random Moments In Time

September 7, 1980: Earnest Gray becomes 2nd New York Giant to score 4 TDs (vs St. Louis)
July 19, 1992: "Price" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 47 performances
September 13, 1989: Desmond Tutu leads biggest anti-apartheid protest march in South Africa
December 25, 1933: Stan Smith takes 8-33 for Victoria vs. Tasmania at Hobart
April 26, 1996: Shaun Pollock takes 4 wkts in 4 balls for Warwickshire in B&H

Events That Made History Today - August 19

14 - Augustus dies and is declared to be a god.
440 - St. Sixtus III ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1071 - Battle at Manzikert: Seldjuken sultan Alp Arslan beats Byzantine King
1099 - Crusaders beat Saracens in Battle of Ascalon
1263 - King James I of Argon censors Hebrew writing
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - August 20

2 - Venus-Jupiter in conjunction-Star of Bethlehem
573 - Gregory of Tours selected bishop of Tours
917 - Battle at Anchialus: Bulgaria army counter attacks Byzantines
1191 - Crusader King Richard I kills 3,000 muslim prisoners in Akko
1534 - Turkish Admiral Chaireddin"Barbarossa" occupies Tunis
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Events That Made History Yesterday - August 18

410 - King Alarik I's Visigoten occupies and plunders Rome
1289 - Pope Nicolaus IV publishes degree "Supra montem"
1564 - Spanish king Philip II joins Council of Trente
1572 - King Navarra Henri de Bourbon marries Margaretha van Valois
1605 - Spanish army under of general Spinola conquerors Lingen
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1674 - The Year That Was

February 9: English reconquer New York from Netherlands
February 19: Netherlands and England sign Peace of Westminster (New York City becomes English)
April 22: Netherlands and Munster sign peace treaty
May 11: Netherlands and Cologne sign peace treaty
May 21: General John Sobieski chosen King of Poland
May 28: German Parliament declares war on France
July 1: Spain, France and Netherlands form Triple Alliance
July 19: Court of Holland bans books of Hobbes/Spinoza/Meyer
August 11: 1st Battle of at Seneffe (Louis II Conde vs Willem III)
August 18: Jean Racine's "Iphigenie," premieres in Versailles
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