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Notable Events, Moments and People In History

Random Moments In Time

March 23, 1922: 1st airplane lands at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.
August 27, 1960: Anita Lonsbrough swims world/olympic record 200m (2:49.5)
September 19, 1951: 1st broadcast of "Search for Tomorrow" on CBS-TV
August 20, 1993: Colin Jackson runs world record 110m hurdles (12.91)
July 6, 1894: Cleveland sends 2,000 troops to Chicago to suppress Pullman strike

Events That Made History Today - May 27

1281 - Flemish Earl Gwijde Dampierre takes financial responsibility of Brugge
1328 - French king Philip VI Valois crowned
1529 - 30 Jews of Posing Hungary, charged with blood ritual, burned at stake
1660 - Denmark and Sweden sign ceasefire
1679 - Habeaus Corpus Act (no false arrest and imprisonment) passes in UK
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - May 28

640 - Severinus begins his reign as Catholic Pope (elected in 638)
1037 - German emperor Koenraad II removes "Constitutio the Feudis"
1156 - Battle at Brindisi: King Willem of Sicily beats Byzantine fleet
1349 - 60 Jews murdered in Breslau Silesia
1358 - Daint-Leu at Oise begins French boer uprising
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Events That Made History Yesterday - May 26

961 - German King Otto II crowned
1328 - William of Ockham forced to flee from Avignon by Pope John XXII
1538 - Geneve throws out Calvijn
1596 - England, France and Netherlands signs Drievoudig Covenant against Spain
1637 - 1st battle of Pequot at New Haven, Connecticut kills 500 indians
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1936 - The Year That Was

January 1: 1st newspaper to microfilm its current issues, New York Herald Tribune
January 2: 1st electron tube to enable night vision described, St. Louis, Missouri
January 2: Bradman scores 357 for SA vs. Vic, 424 minutes, 40 fours
January 4: Billboard magazine publishes its 1st music hit parade
January 4: Grimmett becomes world record wicket taker with no 190 vs. South Africa
January 6: Barbara Hanley became Canada's 1st woman mayor (Webbwood, Ontario)
January 7: Tennis champs Helen Moody and Howard Kinsley volley 2,001 times (1h18m)
January 9: Noel Coward's "Astonished Heart," premieres in London
January 9: Semi-automatic rifles adopted by U.S. army
January 11: Charles Anderson enters Kentucky House of Representatives
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