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Notable Events, Moments and People In History

Random Moments In Time

December 30, 1959: George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned
January 26, 1914: 600 Dutch textile workers go on strike
September 11, 1993: Junxia Qu runs 1500m ladies world record (3:50.46)
March 10, 1991: Marc Girardelli of Luxembourg clinches his 4th slalom World Cup
July 22, 1971: Sudan military counter coup under premier Numeiry

Events That Made History Today - January 21

1077 - German King Heinrich IV petitions Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness
1189 - Philip II, Henry II and Richard Lion hearted initiate 3rd Crusade
1276 - Pierre de Tarantaise elected Pope Innocence V
1324 - Zen Buddhist religious debate between Tendai and Shingon
1522 - Head inquisitor Adrian Florisz Boeyens elected pope
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - January 22

871 - Battle at Basing: Danish invasion army beats Ethelred of Wessex
1371 - King Robert II Stuart of Scotland crowned
1510 - Jews are expelled from Colmar Germany
1517 - Turks conquer Cairo
1528 - England and France declare war on Emperor Charles V
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Events That Made History Yesterday - January 20

250 - Saint Fabian ends his reign as Catholic Pope (236-50)
1045 - Giovanni di Sabina elected Pope Sylvester III
1265 - 1st English Parliament called into session by Earl of Leicester
1320 - Duke Wladyslaw Lokietek becomes king of Poland
1356 - Scottish king Edward Baliol resigns
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53 - The Year That Was

50: Claudius secures a senatorial decree that gives jurisdiction in financial cases to imperial procurators. This marks a significant strengthening of imperial powers at the expense of the Senate.
50: Evodius succeeds Saint Peter as Patriarch of Antioch.
50: Seneca writes the tragedy Agamemnon, which he intends to be read as the last chapter of a trilogy including two of his other tragedies, Medea and Oedipus

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